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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Valentine's Day Heart Crafts

Printable templates for children's Valentine's Day heart crafts suitable for preschool, kindergarten and gradeschool kids.

hanging valentine paper craft

Age 3+

heart cross stitch pattern

Age 10+

Valentine's Flower Craft

Valentine's Day Heart Crafts
Flower Craft made of hearts
(paper craft)

Age 2+

Heather the Heart Shapes Buddy Paper Craft

Age 2+

Heart and Cup Crafts

2 different ideas for the same basic craft

Age 2+

heart animals paper crafts

many choices!

heart butterfly craft

printable heart glasses craft

Age 3+

heart lacing project

Age 2+

heart mobile

Age 4+

Valentine's Day Paper Craft

Age 2+

origami heart

Age 8+

pony bead heart pattern

Age 8+

heart of circles and squares

Age 5+

scissor skills practice

Age 2+

Stained Glass Hearts

Tissue Paper Version    (Age 2+)

Melted Crayons Version   (Age 5+)

Stuffed Heart Finger Paint Craft

Any Age

Valentine's Day Tree Paper Craft

Valentine's Day Heart Crafts
Valentine's Day Tree Paper Craft
(includes handprint option!)

Age 2+

Woven Heart Paper Craft

Age 6+

fingerprint heartSimple fingerprint heart for making cards: 

Dip index finger in paint. 

Stamp on a 45% angle on the paper, then stamp the opposite way to make a heart shape.

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