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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Father's Day Cards

Cards are such a simple way to express our love -- the ones the kids make remain special treasures for years to come!

father's day cards

corn syrup paint 

printable cards for dad

Customizable Father's Day Cards

type your own message inside the card

printable cards for dad

Father's Day Cards with Matching Gift Bags

with pre-printed poem message

printable cards for dad

Four Fold Father's Day Card

Age 4+

Open card to reveal secret message!

Father's Day card

printable cards for dad

Muffin Flower Cards
with photo

Age 2+

father's day card

Poetry and Quotes Father's Day Cards

includes an option suitable for step fathers and adoptive fathers

printable cards for dad

father's day cards

Super Dad! Cards

choice of batman or superman


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