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Thanksgiving Recipes

Here is a list of a few of our favourite Thanksgiving recipes along with some that our viewers have contributed over the years. For more recipes visit DLTK's Recipes.

Turkey Tips - basics on how to cook a turkey

Apricot, Chestnut and Raisin Stuffing

Blair's Slow Cooked Apples and Pork 

Chocolate Orange Ooze Cupcakes 

Cranberry Orange Sauce

Frog Eyed Salad

Lisa's Stuffed Celery

Oreo Turkey Snack

Pea Salad

Pumpkin Soup

Shrimp and Crab Dip

Sweet Potatoes with Lime

Tasha's strawberry salad  (Tasha has loved this recipe since she was 6.)



Turkeys are actually extremely easy to cook.  You pretty much just stick them in the oven forever.  The catch (for me anyways) is getting the timing right!  They're so HUGE that if you don't start them defrosting on time, you'll end up eating supper at midnight.

So... my number one thanksgiving recommendation (for those of us who aren't Martha Stewart want-to-be's) is to buy an insurance policy.  It's a lot less nerve-wracking driving a car that is insured and it's a lot less nerve-wracking cooking a supper that is insured!

By insurance, I mean that along with your turkey, buy a smoked ham and a can of pineapple rings too.  Stick the ham in the refrigerator and hope all goes well with your turkey.  If, for some reason, your turkey isn't ready on time, heat up ham slices in the microwave, arrange them nicely on the platter with the pineapple rings and serve those instead of your turkey.  Walk into the room, chin up and announce that you know everyone will be visiting at least two families at Thanksgiving so you thought they might appreciate something other than turkey.

Gracious smile to your guests...nervous wink to your husband.

 And if asked why the house smells like turkey, tell them it's a new Glade plug-in scent!