DLTK's Holidays Activities for Kids
DLTK's Mother's Day Recipes

This recipe Activities contains simple printable recipe cards (4x6) with pictures to help the kids (and dads *grin*) follow along.

It also contains some ideas for making recipe card holders to make mom as a gift.

These are also great sets to give to a grandma who lives far away.  Make a recipe holder and include a couple of recipe cards.  Have the child write a note promising to make his or her famous concoction(s) the next time you visit.

recipe cardsPrintable Recipe Cards:

I usually like to give credit where credit is due, but in this case I took the ideas of a WHOLE bunch of different people from my to do list and merged them together to come up with these cards -- I'm not going to name everyone here, but my sincerest thanks to everyone who contributed!


More recipes for Mom (These don't come on picture recipe cards but are simple enough for the kids to do by themselves.)

Recipe Holders you can Make:

I had the same idea by myself as some of the projects I've linked to, but I thought I might as well just link to an existing site instead of reinventing the wheel.  How do we all come up with the same ideas you ask?  Well...  I imagine it's because we all subconsciously recall making these projects for our moms when we were little kids *grin*

craft stick recipe holders

Craft Stick and Woodsie Recipe Holder 
(holds standard sized recipe cards)

great for preschoolers

recipe card holder

Fun Foam Recipe Card Holder 
(holds standard sized recipe cards)

kindergarten +