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Halloween Costume

Little Red Riding Hood 

Submitted By: Leanne Guenther 




Age: any 
Time Required: 1 hour 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: dress from closet with tights and black shoes or make your own simple tunic dress

small wicker basket with handle (this will be what the child uses to collect treats) You can get these at a florist shop or craft store.

Red hooded cloak (the key to the costume!)
* need material for simple cloak + strip of same material 10"x28"
see simple cloak page for list of materials needed for the simple cloak 
Make a simple cloak from red lightweight cotton or polar fleece (polar fleece is a lot easier). Use red seam binding or ribbon for the tie.

Fold 10"x28" piece of red fabric in half, right sides together (so it's 10"x14") stitch up one of the long sides (fabric glue works too if you're in a hurry or don't like to sew!)

Drape your hood over the child's head to determine a proper fit and trim a bit off the bottom if necessary (the fold should go on top of the head and the seam should run down the back of the head)

Pin hood to the cape and stitch on (or use fabric glue).

You can even just attach the hood with safety pins. That way it can be a hoodless cape for superhero or queen dressup later on.

Wear dress, nylons and shoes. Braid hair or put in a ponytail. Add a few freckles with eyeliner pencil. Add a bit of blush to the cheeks so you have nice rosey cheeks.

Put on whatever warm clothes you need for trick or treating (warm jacket and whatnot)

Put cloak on over top.

Carry wicker basket for treat collecting. 

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