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CD pumpkinCD Pumpkin Craft

Thanks to Margaret for sharing this craft idea with us!

Here is a quick and easy way to make a Halloween Pumpkin using a CD Rom.



  1. Thread ribbon through the centre of the CD and tie.  You may want to glue or tape it to the CD to keep in place. (Do this before covering the CD with paper, and allow enough ribbon/string to enable it to be hung up.).
  2. Cover both sides of the CD for a good effect.
  3. If you have a computer, you could use the Auto Shapes - Basic shapes facility to draw the triangle and half moon shapes.  Alternatively, you can print the template below and cut out the shapes.  You can print a color version or a black and white version and color it yourself.
    • Trace around the CD on orange paper then cut out.  Glue the orange circle to the CD.  Trace two circles if you would like to make your CD double sided.
    • Cut out three triangle shapes from the black paper, two will be the eyes and the other the nose, and glue on to the orange covered CD  Cut either a zig-zag shape or a half moon shape for the mouth and glue below the nose.  If making the pumpkin double sided cut six triangles and two zig-zag or half moon shapes.    (or cut out from the templates).
    • Using the green paper, draw/cut a stem shape and glue to the centre top of the CD.  (or cut out from the templates)

Template for Eyes, Nose, Mouth and Stem    color  or   B&W



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