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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Autumn Printable Worksheets

Kids will enjoy learning with the autumn themed worksheets listed below. My daughters enjoy activities like the word searches so much that they don't even think of them as "educational" -- they just think of them as FUN!

Autumn tracer pages

Autumn Alphabet Tracer Pages

Autumn anagram

Autumn Anagrams (Word Scrambles)

Autumn crossword

Autumn Crossword Puzzles

Autumn cryptogram

Autumn Cryptograms

Autumn maze

Autumn Mazes

Autumn Sudoku Puzzles

Autumn Sudoku

Autumn tracer pages

Autumn Tracer Pages

Autumn vocabulary word matching worksheets 

Autumn Vocabulary Jigsaw Word Matching Worksheets

Autumn vocabulary words 

Autumn Vocabulary Word Lists

Autumn word ladder

Autumn Word Ladder Puzzles

Autumn word mining

Autumn Word Mining

Autumn word search

Autumn Word Search

Autumn Word Wall Words

Autumn Word Wall Words

Autumn worksheets

Autumn Worksheets from KidZone

Autumn learning numbers sunflower 

Learning Numbers - Sunflower Worksheets

count by 1's, 2's, 5's or 10's


Fan Art
Print Help
Jigsaw Puzzles


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