DLTK's Crafts for Kids

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

This is the way we did ours.  It allows you to flip the whole book over and set it either HAVE KIDS side or DON’T HAVE KIDS side up on your coffee table (depending on your mood). Basically you want the HAVE on the front side of a page with the opposing DON’T HAVE view on the back of the same page.  (Just take a heavier piece of paper like construction paper, cardstock or scrapbook paper and glue the HAVE/DON’T HAVE templates to it).  The easiest way to remember what you’re doing is to punch holes in the heavy paper before you start gluing.  Then just remember to always keep the holes on the left side whenever you’re gluing.  If you don’t punch the holes first, the DON’T HAVE’s should be upside down and the HAVE’s should be rightside up.  (Gosh, this sounds way more complicated than it really is!)

Reversible pages scrapbook

For this version, you again glue the HAVE and DON’T HAVE templates to a heavier page.  You would put the first HAVE on the back of the cover and then put the DON’T HAVE on the facing page.

Facing pages scrapbook

For this one, you don’t need to glue the templates to a heavier page).  Just order the pages however you like and put a staple through the top (or punch holes like with the other ones.  There will be nothing on the back of the pages.  This version is good for kids who are old enough to want their freedom but too young to have the patience or inclination to organize the pages the way they were “meant” to be organized.  (My daughter is a case in point here… did I mention strangling?  *wink*)  For this you may just want to print all HAVE’s and make a have book or all DON’T HAVE’s and make a don’t have book.

Random pages scrapbook

My other daughter is very young (under 2) and although she likes gluing, colouring and painting, she certainly doesn’t have the patience to sit through an entire scrapbook.  In cases where you are short of time, short of patience or short of photos, try just a single page.  Pick your favorite HAVE/DON’T HAVE combo (or the one you happen to have photos for) and make a single page.  You can present this as is or cover with clear contact paper.  This can be used as a reversible picture to hang on the wall, as a mouse pad (though it doesn’t work as well as the store bought version) or a placemat (if you glue the templates to a placemat sized piece of poster board).

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