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Pastry Bag Packages

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Although you do have to do a bit of shopping to make these gifts, they're a terrific choice for children to make for Christmas (most children will be able to purchase the supplies with their own money from allowance or doing extra chores around the house).

The project can be done with hot chocolate (pictured to the right), smarties, jelly beans or other candies.  You can save any left over bags to fill with mom or dad's favorite colors for birthdays, orange jelly beans (with a green ribbon tie) for Easter or red candy hearts for Valentine's Day.  Also, the hot chocolate version can easily be sold by kids for $5.00 per piece at Christmas craft sales or as a holiday fund raiser.

The things I love about these projects are:

pastry bag Christmas giftMaterials:


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Christmas Candles by Evaleen Stein
Christmas Candles
poem by Evaleen Stein