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If you are not a grown-up, this is your last chance to escape before ending up on the naughty list!  KIDS CLICK HERE


I'm hoping that everyone left is a grown-up so welcome to the Santa Claus Communication Center.  The following pages will allow you to provide Santa with some information to help him put together a letter to your child.  As most of you know, Santa contacts a select group of parents each year asking them to help train some of the newer elves on the ins and outs of writing Christmas letters to children -- this is one of the internet contact points for that task.

With the electronic age in full swing, Santa has decided to use the internet to help him with the letters.  If you put in a few details, he and the junior elves will fill in the rest of the letter for you.  You can then print out your customized letter from Santa Claus on your printer -- he and the elves really appreciate all the help parents give him with the letters (and with junior elf training!)

You can then either just hand it to your child, lean it up against the fireplace for them to find OR if they enjoy opening old fashioned mail, you can pop the letter into an envelope.  Then you can "pick up" the envelope when you get the rest of your mail and give it to your child to open.

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