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Easy Blanket Idea
Easy Blanket Idea

Thanks so much to Deb C. for sharing this idea with us.

"I've included a few pictures to help the more visual learners among us!!...Deb"

I think that Deb's idea would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any of the kids on your list or for a new baby.  Just visit your local fabric store to find a suitable pattern and then sit down with your kids one afternoon and you will have it all completed in no time!


easy blanket ideaInstructions:



easy blanket ideaThat's it! Since the fabric won't unravel there's no sewing involved.  And the finished blanket is machine-washable.

We though Deb's idea would make a great gift for our Tasha and Kaitlyn's new baby cousin so we took them to the fabric store to pick out some fleece.  Kaitlyn picked Hello Kitty and Tasha picked the cow jumping over the moon.  The girls were quite proud of their day and night blanket!

easy blanket idea   easy blanket idea


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