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Summer Recipes

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Kids in the Kitchen!

Here is a list of receipes that make great summer snacks or kitchen projects for you and your kids while they are at home on summer vacation.  Most of these have been sent in by our viewers.  I'd love to hear some of your favorite Summer recipes.


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Helen wrote: "School holidays at last ' all over the country kids are rejoicing in their new found freedom.  On the other hand many parents, particularly those in households where both parents are working, are wondering how on earth they will manage to cope and keep the children amused for the entire summer.  Well how about taking a brave step ' let them into the kitchen, better still welcome them in.  Kids love to cook. Do you remember when you made your first fairy cakes or perhaps you've never baked a cake in your life but wish you could. Cooking is a life skill and children love it, you'll be absolutely amazed at how fast they learn and how skilled and dextrose they become when they are given the opportunity to cook and handle kitchen equipment."

She also sent in some summer recipe safety ideas:  You may already know most of them, but do your kids?  Remember to share common safety messages with them too!

PICNIC ' If you're going to have an open fire be sure such a fire is allowed and be sure to obtain your fire permit. PUT YOUR FIRE OUT PROPERLY AND COMPLETELY''and LEAVE YOUR PICNIC AREA TIDY!!!!!!

FOOD ON THE GO - Play it safe. Always remember this very important rule: KEEP HOT FOODS HOT and COLD FOODS REALLY COLD!!!!!!!

Good picnic menu planning foils the work of troublesome bacteria ' the kind that can cause food poisoning without producing tell-tale spoilage signs.  Your picnic can be a picnic for these organisms if you provide food to their liking and time for them to develop.

Perishable foods ' particularly moist protein foods such as meat, fish chicken, cheese, eggs in salads, sandwiches, casseroles ' travel safely only when kept good and cold or really hot.   Otherwise they should be eaten as soon as they leave your kitchen.

Creamed main dishes and cream pies are particularly poor risks; serve them at home when it's picnic in the backyard.

If you don't have an insulated picnic carry-all, get foods good and cold in refrigerator, then wrap them in several thicknesses of newspaper. This wrap will provide insulation for several hours.  The same trick works for hot dishes, too.


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