Spring poemsDLTK's Holiday Activities for Children
Spring Poetry

(includes a activity sheets, crafts and/or coloring suggestion to go with the poems)

A Sure Sign   Evaleen Stein

An April Day   by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Another Sure Sign  Evaleen Stein

The Beech Tree

Buttercups and Daisies  by Mary Howitt

Caterpillar   by Christina Rossetti

Daffodils  by William Wordsworth

Daffodowndilly  by A.  A. Milne

Dandelion  Evaleen Stein

Dandelion Curls  Evaleen Stein

Dripsy Dropsy  by Leanne Guenther

The First Red-Bird  Evaleen Stein

Four Seasons

Spring poetryI Meant To Do My Work Today   by Richard Le Gallienne

Kite Days  by Mark Sawyer

Little Seeds  by Else Holmelund Minarik

Lost!   Evaleen Stein

March Wind

Mary Mary Quite Contrary Nursery Rhyme    Nursery Rhyme

May-Baskets   Evaleen Stein

My Spring Garden

Plant a Garden  by Edgar Guest

A Prayer in Spring  by Robert Frost

The Queen's Page  Evaleen Stein

Rain  a Mother Goose poem

A Rain Song  Evaleen Stein

The Rash Little Sparrow  Evaleen Stein

Showery Time  Evaleen Stein

Spring poemSpring  by Kaitlyn Guenther

Spring Colors  by Leanne Guenther

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is in the Air  by Kaitlyn Guenther

Spring Rain  by Marchette Chute

The White Tailed Deer  by Kaitlyn Guenther


Up, Little Ones!   Evaleen Stein

With a May-Basket for Baby Agnes   Evaleen Stein

Spring Songs for Children

Baby Bumblebee Song

Five Green and Speckled Frogs Song 

If You Should Meet an Elephant 

Itsy Bitsy Spider Song


Spring Stories for Children:

The Crow and The Cat

Little Otter Learns to Swim

Ugly Duckling