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Stained Glass Shamrock Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Use this as a craft you can hang in your window or make it as a card for a special friend.

stained glass shamrock craft



  • Take the paper off some crayons and 'sharpen' them in the pencil sharpener.  Let the shavings drop onto 1/2 the waxed paper.
  • Feel free to use 3 or 4 different colors.
  • When you have a nice pile of shavings refold the waxed paper.
  • Fold about 1/2 inch around all the edges so none of the wax leaks out when you iron.
craft instructions
This is a photo of us doing a heart,
but the process is the same
  • Place the waxed paper containing the shavings down on the ironing board and cover with more scrap paper.
  • Iron for about 10 seconds.  Peek and iron a bit more if necessary.  All the wax should melt.  The longer you iron, the more your colors will mix.
  • Let sit about 30 seconds to cool.
iron instructions
  • Take a piece of construction paper and fold in half.
  • Crease well.
craft instructions 
  • Fold in half again, but this time, don't crease it very much (the less you crease it the better, but young children may need it creased quite well).
craft instructions
  • Cut out a half shamrock shape.  You can do this freehand or draw it on for small children to cut out.
craft instructions
  • Unfold the construction paper and you'll find a 'card' type shape with a heart through the middle of it.
  • Put your waxed paper ("stained glass") into the middle and figure out where you're going to position it.  With a pen trace around a line for where you'll want to trim the waxed paper.  The pen won't make a pen mark, but it will leave a white line on the paper.
  • Cut out the waxed paper.  Try not to fold it -- the wax will crack if you do.
craft instructions
This is a photo of us doing a heart,
but the process is the same
  • Open up the construction paper.
  • Use a glue stick to trace around the heart shape on one side of the construction paper.
  • Glue the waxed paper down.
  • Trace around the other heart (on the other side of the construction paper) and around the edges of the construction paper and fold down so the waxed paper is sandwiched.
stained glass craft


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