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Juicebox the Cat

The month of June marks the height of kitten season because the most litters are born in June. Unfortunately, that also means that many more kittens wind up in animal shelters, which is why June was declared Adopt-A-Cat Month in 1976. For the month of February we celebrate Responsible Pet Owners Month! There isn't a lot of information on the history of responsible pet owners month but having and taking care of pets is a long tradition. In fact, there is historical evidence that people have had canine and feline companions for thousands of years!

Having a cat is wonderful! My partner and I have had our litte cat Juicebox for years now. We adopted her from a shelter in 2018—we knew she was the perfect kitten when we lent down at her shelter room door and she jumped off her perch to come see us! She cuddled us the whole time and then we took her to her FURever home!

Cats aren't just adorable and loyal but they are also super interesting!

Check out these cool facts about domestic cats!

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