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ghost footprint craft
Footprint Ghost Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Materials needed for this cute footprint ghost are black construction paper, black marker or paint, white tempra or poster paint, large ice cream container lid or sponge paintbrush, and a foot!

If you fold the construction paper in half prior to printing, you can make some really cute halloween cards this way -- use gold or silver gel pens to write Happy Halloween on the front and a message inside!

A viewer wrote..
I just wanted to let you know...  I do home daycare and I LOVE to do your crafts with the kids here.  They can't wait till activity time and they always enjoy whatever craft I choose.  I just recently did the ghost footprints craft (for the second year in a row)...  I added this little poem I made up.  I thought I would share it with you incase you wanted to use it too:

    BOO!  BOO!  BOO!
    Happy Halloween to YOU!
    No need to be shocked..
    These 2 stinky ghosts Are now socked!

I thought it fit well. Keep up the great work and Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you. :o)



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