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Father's Day Crafts and Children's Activities

Any man can be a Father,
but it takes someone special to be a DAD

I love Father's Day.  It's so much fun seeing Daddy and the girls interacting on this special day.  The girls are always on their best behavior and Darren is so in tune with the family (no work brought home, no grass to mow...)

As always, we use crafts as gifts from the girls.  It seems more special than a wallet somehow (although I must admit, we often buy something to accompany the crafted gifts).

father's day cards

Father's Day Cards

including cards for grandpa and  ideas for poems or sayings to go with the cards.

father's day coloring pages

picture frames for dad

father's day games and puzzles

father's day poetry

father's day printables

Father's Day Printables

coloring pages, Awards and Certificates, Doorknob Hangers, etc

father's day recipes

father's day worksheets

father's day links