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Chinese Dragon Paper Plate Puppet

Chinese Dragon puppetContributed by Leanne Guenther

This is a simple craft to do for Chinese New Year or as a generic dragon craft. 

The fold in the paper plate allows the mouth to snap open and shut making this a fun puppet to play with. 

The Chinese Dragon Dance and the Chinese Lion Dance are both traditional dances that involve people dressing up in costumes to make full sized "puppets".  Martial arts moves, bells and drums accompany the dances.  Sometimes people, including me, confuse the two because the lion looks a little dragon-y.  When I finished this craft, I realized it looks a little bit more like the Chinese Lion Dance.

Chinese Dragon Dance:  The dragon is made by many performers.  You can see the performers hanging onto the poles and moving the dragon.

dragon dance
Photo by Walter Baxter

Chinese Lion Dance:  The lion is made by two performers.  They are entirely covered by the costume.

Lion Dance
Photo by Arria Belli






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