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Another Sure Sign poem by Evaleen Stein

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Another Sure Sign

by Evaleen Stein

When pink-cheeked on every hand
Little girls are seen to stand
Turning skipping ropes,--swish-swash!--
While their laughing playmates run
Jumping over,--oh, what fun!--
   Swish-swash! Swish-swash!
Two and two now, see them dash!
   One, two, one, two,
Round they scamper, safely through,
Swish-swash! such merry skipping,
One, two,--some one is tripping!
Ah, she's out now and must pay
Turning rope while others play!
See the bobbing golden curls,
Little skirts in rhythmic swirls
Rising, falling, to the beat
Of the little skipping feet!
When these pretty sights appear,
It is surely very clear
           April's here!

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