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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
pumpkin face
Jack-o'-Lantern Faces Cut and Paste Crafts

Paper crafts make terrific and simple Halloween decorations that even toddlers can help put together.  Children can design their own paper pumpkin faces to hang on bulletin boards or the refrigerator

There are options for "design your own" faces with different noses, mouths and eyes to mix and match or three pre-designed faces for children to cut and paste (for those with only one child who want to save a bit of time and paper).  My girls and I like the "design your own" option!

pumpkin faceThese are not intended to create patterns for carving out real pumpkins.  For ideas and templates for pumpkin carving, check out our Pumpkin Carving Patterns.



Craft Templates:

Design your own Pumpkin Faces

Template - tall pumpkin                (color)    or    (B&W)

Template - short pumpkin            (color)    or    (B&W)

Template - 10 eyes                      (color)    or    (B&W)

Template - 5 mouths & eyebrows   (color)    or    (B&W)

Template - 10 noses                    (color)    or    (B&W)

Pre-designed Pumpkin Faces:

pumpkin face  Template - easy shapes       (color)    or    (B&W)

pumpkin face  Template - sort of spooky     (color)    or    (B&W)

  pumpkin face  Template - my husband's favorite (color)    or    (B&W)


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