Halloween Costume

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Light sabre for Star Wars costume 

Submitted By: Aiden 
Age: Any age 
Time Required: Moderate 
Materials Required: 3 Paper Towel Rolls
2 Toilet Paper Rolls
1 Foam ball
1 plastic Milk Cap Lid
Black Paper
Aluminium Foil or Silver Cardboard
Coloured wrapping paper for the Saber blade. 
Directions: Handle:
Cover 1 towel roll in glue and the wrap in aluminium foil.
Cover 2 toilet rolls in black paper.
Then slide the toilet rolls over over the silver paper towelling rol and stick with glue.
Each toilet roll should be at either far end of the paper towel roll revealing the silver in the centre. Stick a coloured dot sticker on the centre of the silver to create a button.
Wrap the foam ball with aluminium foil and glue into one end of the handle to create a curved end.

The Saber:
Take two paper towel rolls and sticky tape firmly together end to end to create a long blade.
Take the plastic milk bottle lid and glue into the end of one side to create a blunt end.
Cover the whole saber with pva glue and take your wrapping paper and neatly roll the saber in the paper. Neatly folding in the ends of the wrapping paper over the milk bottle cap.

Glue the handle and saber together by sliding the handle over the end of the saber without the bottle lid.

I then used clear parcel tape to cover the light saber (not the handle). I did this from end to end in several lengths of tape . This protects the paper and gives it a shine. 
Comments: Diagram and photos.