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easter egg lacing projectDLTK's Crafts for Kids
Easter Lacing Crafts

Lacing projects are a great craft for preschoolers and kindergarten children to complete during any holiday.  The lacing gives them fine motor skill practice and practice tying knots and bows (shoelaces!)  The large blank area in the center gives the kids the chance to 'get creative' by further decorating with paper cutouts, stickers or crayons.

There are a few different templates to choose from.



Craft Templates:

Specific Instructions PLUS Templates:

lacing projectCross:  lace with a running stitch or a blanket stitch around the outside of the cross.  Tie a bow at the top or bottom.  Purple wool or ribbon would be nice - but any spring colour would work.

You can write a message such as 'Jesus Lives' inside the cross or print the name of a loved one you're praying for on it.

Cross Template


easter egg lacing project



Egg:  lace with a running stitch or a blanket stitch around the edge of the egg.  You can decorate the egg with bingo daubers, markers, paints or stickers.

This is a perfect template for lacing two together to make a 'pouch' that you can slip flat gifts like gift certificates, drawings, sayings, etc into.  Just leave the top of the egg open and tie two bows to make the pouch

For a more advanced project, trace the template onto pastel fun foam twice.  Lace the fun foam together to make a purse.  Make a purse strap from a long piece of wool or ribbon that you can braid and/or add beads to.

Egg Template



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